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         ON THIS 01/06/2014         

M/S NTS INFOTECH, a Company incorporated under the provisions of the   Companies act, 1956 and having its registered office at, No - 19,Vengatta Nagar, Marungur (PO),Panruti (TK), Chennai – 607103. Tamil Nadu, INDIA. (here in after called as 1st party)
Mr. D. AATHI MURUGAN, No: 97B, West Street, Vendar Mahal Backside, Vellore – 632107. (here in after called as 2nd party)

Account No: 911020025942041
Branch: cuddalore 

The 2nd party accepts the Accuracy and Payments very clearly

HTML Project
The accuracy should be ABOVE 50.1%
90.1% - 100.0%   = Rs.12,500/-*
80.1% - 90.0%     = Rs.10,000/-*
70.1% - 80.0%     = Rs.7,000/-*
60.1% - 70.0%     = Rs.4000/-*
50.1% - 60.0%     = Rs.1500/-*
Below 50.1% = NIL
The 2nd party accepts that 15 Working days for getting the accuracy report after the deadline of the work if submitted within the deadline.
The 2nd party accepts that Payments will be done within 1 working days after you receive the accuracy report.
The 2nd party accepts the SPECIFICATIONS FOR IMAGE TO HTML Tagging
Parameters for slot complete rejection(100%):-
1. File name given is wrong, title mistake, page no mistake. (Including the zip folder name)
2. Incomplete file.
3. Type only in notepad  file
4. Only HTML files should be present in the zip file,
5. Total number of image files and notepad files are different.
6. Extra temporary files found or file not zipped.
7. Font size not in round figure.
8. Other page data found.
9. The files should be in notepad only, apart from that if any other format except notepad format; the whole slot will be rejected.
10. The file should be zipped by using only WINZIP software.
11. Each job work should be sent as a separate attachment and in separate e-mail
The 2nd party accepts that Instructions for IMAGE to HTML Conversion (Typing)

1. New page data of IMAGE file should start from new HTML Documents.
2. File name should be given as it is given to the image file.
3. Type the text as it appears in the IMAGE file.
4. If word cuts in IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file.
5. Justification is not required even if it is done in the IMAGE file.
6. Extra enters and different enter size would be considered as error.

The 2nd party accepts that Instructions to follow while TYPING.

1. Every line should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE; hence the pages shall
Automatically match with the IMAGE file pages.
2. Font will be Times new roman font size of 10 for the body text.
3. If the word cuts in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file. If a line ends in
IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file.
4. The files should be saved in and it should be attached to the e-mail and should be send it within
/ On the prescribed date with in 12:00 PM. After 12:00 PM the files will not be accepted.
Send all the completed job works to the specified email within the deadline.


The 2nd party accepts that The percentage deduction list for the errors done

Type of Error Number of errors Percentage of deduction for total slot.

Line missing / Extra Line                                 Each line                      10% in Slot Accuracy
Improper text alignment                                   Each page                     5% in Slot Accuracy
Spelling error                                            Each 3 error                   5% in Slot Accuracy
Extra line enters                                         Each line enter              2% in Slot Accuracy
Text missing / Extra Text.                                Each word                    2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra enters                                               Each 10 Enters              2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra space                                                Each 10 Space                  2% in Slot Accuracy
Other line data                                           Each word                    2% in Slot Accuracy
Double space                                               Each 5 Double Space   2% in Slot Accuracy
Grammar error                                              Each three Errors          2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra symbol / Symbols missing                       Each three Symbols     2% in Slot Accuracy
HTML coding not used                                      Each page                    1% in Slot Accuracy
Wrong HTML Coding                                      Each page                     1% in Slot Accuracy


The company decision will be the final on deciding all the disputes
The 2nd party accepts that the company decision will be the final on deciding all the disputes.

The 2nd party accepts that no dispute shall be entertained regarding Q.C (Quality Checking) Report. The accuracy will be decided by the technical officials of the company and is final and cannot be challenged.

The 2nd party accepts that Rejection Criteria (100%):

1. File name of the converted text file does not match with the correspondence image file name.
2. The file should be completed and send it before the deadline mentioned by the company.
3. File name given wrong including the zip file name and the notepad file names.
4. There is difference between the no. of pages in IMAGE file and the notepad file.
5. Extra files found in the zip file except notepad files (including temporary files).
6. Incomplete Files.
7. If files received are less than the files delivered to you.
8. Text is in other than “Times New Roman” Font.
9. If the file is not zipped.
10. The company decision will be the final on deciding all the disputes.

The 2nd party accepts that Termination Criteria (100%):

1. File not submitted for any 2 times, job work has been rejected for any 2 times,
Incomplete file submitted for any two times.
2. Duplication of data found in any page.
3. Any 2 times not achieved the accuracy in overall 12 slots.
4. Any conversion software used, Slots & Agreement will be cancelled without prior notice
The 2nd party accepts that PERIOD:
Totally you will have to type approximately 240 to 250 pages.   Duration: 16 - 18 days

The 2nd party accepts that Payment Details:

1.   Initial Deposit is Rs. 3000/-. But the 2nd   party can start your project with Rs.2500/- alone. For    this Rs.2500/- you will be Valid for 12 month Project with 1 month. 2nd party should achieve 50.1% and above in every cycle. If 2nd party achieve 50.1% accuracy and above the 2nd party is mandatory for the agreement. The Rest of the payment will be deducted from the 2nd party’s 3 Months consecutive billings in EM1 basis or the 2nd party is mandatory to pay the remaining amount. If there is any remaining amount from 1st party side will be paid at the second billing.
2. If the 2nd Party achieves above 90.1% accuracy continuously for 4 times, the security deposit amount will be refundable and the payment will be doubled.
3.   If the 2nd   party Don’t achieve any payout for the First billing is up to the 2nd   party wish to continue the project or not. If the 2nd party like to continue the 2nd party have to pay the renewal amount of Rs.1800/-.
4.   The 2nd party accepts that at any circumstances the Deposit amount is not Refundable and Transferable, Expect completion of 12 slots.
5.   The 2nd party accepts that there is No Rework for the Job which as been Submitted once.
6.   NTS INFOTECH cannot be held responsible for non-working occurred on account of natural calamity / change in law / unforeseen circumstances. And no claim / representation shall be entertained.
7.   The 2nd party accepts that if his or her account is terminated or seized due to any reason(s) mentioned above, I’ll not ask for any kind of refund from the Company.

I AM 18 YEARS [OR ABOVE] OF AGE AND hereby, accept the opportunity of executing Html Tagging, without any External or Internal pressure and opt for Html Tagging to be executed only in his office . I shall not get the work done from any outside commercial agency or individual. I have also gone through the Terms of Offer, as described above (after having gone through the terms thoroughly in my full conscience) and acknowledge that I understand and agree to terms set fort here above voluntarily and willingly and am bound by the same.

I accept that the court in Chennai alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction as regards any claims or matters arise in out of dealings with NTS INFOTECH, and all disputes will be governed by the laws of INDIA
The2nd party accepts and agrees to be bound by the said terms and conditions and to any changes made therein from time to time by the NTS INFOTECH at its sole discretion with the notice to the 2nd party
The 2nd party agrees that I have no objection to terminate his account for any kind of illegal activities.

WE, the parties have signed this agreement on understanding the covenants explicitly and clearly.


1st Party                                                                                        2nd Party



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Witness (1st Party):
Witness (2nd Party):

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